MVA Review - Feb. 2000

Better Quality for All - Feb. 07

Deloitte. Report - Jan. 08

House of Oireachtas - Jan. 08

An overly complicated and complex system that is based almost entirely on local buses. How did we get here? One might think there has been a lack of vision or a missing master plan. Yet, there have been frequent commissions of reports by consultancies, reviewers and government task forces. Recommendations put forward in these reports include the introduction of rapid routes, quality bus corridors and orbital routes. The list of recommendations that have never been implemented is long.

So, what would our public transport network look like, if these reports and their recommendations had been implemented?

A shelf full of unimplemented reports

In this project we did not simply draw beautiful transport maps or introduce unrealistic unaffordable high quality transport. Instead, it aims at visualising a sensible and suitable public transport network, which is based on existing official reports.

Many of the reports feature spatially accurate maps, where suggested corridors and routes are highlighted. From successful public transport maps we know however, that this method cannot achieve produce comprehensive transport maps, which relate the suggested routes to the common people. My academic project offers the highest level of public transport map design applied to a combination of recommendations from existing official reports to visualise and illustrate what public transport maps of a better network for Dublin could look like.