In the city centre on the other hand, bus infrastructure, shopping/amusement offers and traffic are so dense, that for years there has not been any comprehensive map of inner city public transport routes. Therefore, people are willing to walk incredible distances on foot (much more than in any other european city).

On short trips to Berlin and London, people have immediate access to excellent public transport information. As a result, the entire city becomes accessible. Dublin’s lack of a successful public transport map explains why people don’t travel throughout the city as much as in other cities (except of course from their house/work into the city centre for shopping/amusement). It restricts local centres throughout the districts from becoming popular destinations in their own rights.

Dublin features the highest amounts of people willing to walk incredible distances. It also features one of the lowest amounts of public transport usages. Walking such long distances (even within the core city) does not happen out of people’s love for healthy walks or sustainable transport (compare its very low use of bicycles), but is a direct result of peoples confusion over the complex and incomprehensible public transport system.