Conclusions & Recommendations

The incredible willingness to walk great distances for people here in Dublin (well documented by statistics and my own surveys) is a great indication of their surrender to a flawed system and indicates a large amount of lost revenue and lost opportunity on Dublin Bus’ behalf. Failed attempts to establish orbital routes or cross city routes away from O’Connell Street also owe their failure to the lack of maps that sufficiently advertised and explained these attempted new routes.

3. Everything funnels through the city centre (O’Connell Bridge).

Many people may claim that this mirrors the current customer demand. The deeper truth is, that people’s seeming desire to get to O’Connell Bridge already reflects the fundamental flaw of the system. The majority of people in Dublin do not understand the system and are confused by the complicated layout. The total lack of successful city centre maps drives people to the only remaining option: to go to O’Connell Street or Trinity College because their desired bus connection must be found “somewhere in that area”.