...but the London Tube map is a map for a rapid underground rail system, with never more than 4 routes running on the same corridor. It also is irrelevant to have street level city information (street manes, landmarks along the track etc), as the tube runs away from all of the above in a tunnel. The only contact with the city happens at the stations. Today, may people’s spatial concept of London’s districts is dictated by the station names of the tube map. This shows, how public transport hub and station names can be a very important factor that can reach the status of a

Successful Public Transport Maps abroad

common geographic orientation point itself - something that we in Dublin are still far away from.

Furthermore, the London tube map is not a bus map. Dublin’s public transport system today is mainly based on local buses. If there is any map of London Transport that a future Dublin public transport map should be compared to, it should be the London bus map, not the tube map. The Greater London Bus Maps are however not a successful feat in transport map design. They are cluttered, are unnecessarily geographically accurate, don’t utilise enough degree of simplification and don’t use colour coding.