It is surprising how little better the Dublin Bus Route Network Guides had been over the years than a simple street map. With Dublin Bus’ recently published Dublin Bus Network 2010, it finally issues a proper public transport map. It is very disappointing that this map fails to indicate the 2 Luas lines and Dart service, especially given the fact that they only would have added 3 lines to the map. Though the map works fairly well in terms of route display outside the city centre are, the city centre itself has been dropped entirely. Dublin today is in a dire need of a city centre public transport map.

Recent and Current attempts to map public transport in Dublin

Furthermore, it is very surprising that the prominent map on display in the information stands at the Dublin Bus Head Office are not their Dublin Bus Network 2010 but still the Dublin Visitor Guide, which fails as a public transport map. If informed customers want to obtain the much better Dublin Bus Network 2010 map, they have to queue and ask at the information counter for it specifically.