Dublin Bus Network 2010

(by Dublin Bus - latest map, published in Feb. 2010)

Positive: The first map using sophisticated transport map layout, excellent display of routes to districts, good use of spatial distortion, compact size, colour coding

Negative: victim of a too complex network, too few bus stops indicated, too complicated city centre zone system, complete absence of city centre map with bus routes/stops (except the confusing city centre zones)

Recent and Current attempts to map public transport in Dublin

Ordnance Survey Ireland Street Map

(by OSI Ireland) - annually updated - Though not intended as a public transport map, this is the map many people use for journey planning

Positive: Frequently updated, very striking colour (magenta) of bus routes, dots indicate stops, shows all side streets

Negative: (in terms of usability as a transport map:) large size, a lot of distracting information, no distortion (for obvious reasons), no bus stop names