A series of refinements like rounding corners, breaking overpassing lines, developing a colour  palette and balancing the typography – along with generations of corrections – eventually led to the design of the Greater Dublin Area Rapid Network map (top right corner).

Despite its size, the map was subjected to great attention to detail and every element was developed in a process of visual decisions and balancing. In addition to differentiating the new Bus Rapid Transport lines by colour, a system of names was favoured to numbers (culturally, names have been more successful here in Ireland than numbers). The chosen names relate to fictional and real historic figures of political, literary and scientific background. Every name has a unique initial and can therefore be reduced to just one letter. The orbital routes have been given gradients of the same purple and numbers to differentiate their role for the public transport network. Round mode symbols indicate Rapid Bus routes and angular mode symbols indicate rail transport modes (Luas and Dart).