Both, existing recommendations and the visual research of this project conclude: there is a need for a much more simplified network, possibly by introducing a dozen or so cross city rapid transport routes. This would mean a more distributed network, a recognisable selection of reliable high frequency/high capacity routes and a dramatically reduced Dublin Bus network with a much more local significance as a feeder system.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is public transport mode most suited to Dublin’s low density and unique setup. These vehicles offer a variety of degrees of quality and technology.

Bus Rapid Transit - a great alternative

Some offer hybrid technology engines that are more sustainable and offer a smoother acceleration and deceleration. Other possibilities are high capacity high quality vehicles that offer level boarding (by using a raised curb) and modern guiding systems. By upgrading the Bus Rapid Transit Corridors and ensuring priority or even exclusive road use, these buses can achieve speeds and service delivery similar to that of the Luas.

Incidentally, there is a manufacturer of international acclaim close-by: Wright Bus (Ballymena, Northern Ireland). The construction of this system would have a smaller ecological impact, be more cost effective and make much more use of local expertise.